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WOLF Abrasive Bristle Disc

With elastomer polyester as its fundamental material, WOLF abrasive bristle disc is a soft polishing tool manufactured through injection molding process with 20-50% abrasive grit and grinding aids. The elastomer bristles of the working part are loading of ceramic abrasives, which guarantees similar performance of international products.

Abrasives grit are randomly distributed inter the bristles of WOLF abrasive discs, forming a 360-degree rough structure with rough/hard/tiny edges. When the industrial equipment drives the brush at high speed, the abrasive bristles will densely rub the working surface to finish polishing, deburring, cleaning and remove oxidized surface .



The abrasive bristles are flexible and variable, hide no chips, emit little heat, and show constant grinding force which will not decline. They can maintain the same high-level performance, thus suitable for industrial automatic grinding.
The slender and elastic structure of the abrasive bristles makes them easy to attach to irregular surfaces of workpieces or small parts such as grooves, inner walls of pipes, concave and convex surfaces, connection parts, and chamfers, and polish, clean, debur, remove adhesion layers to obtain a smooth surface without wearing out the original size.
With rich elasticity and soft force, the abrasive bristles are suitable for precision, light or thin layer grinding and polishing, while cannot remove fixed hard burrs. Elastic polishing can prevent excessive wear or scratching of workpieces, and will not compromise the original size.
With ceramic abrasives as the materials, the bristles are suitable for grinding and polishing the surfaces of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, gold, silver and other metals, as well as wood products and plastics.
WOLF abrasive bristle discs are widely applied in metal manufacturing, electronics, electrical appliances, jewelry, handicrafts, automobiles, aerospace, wood and other industries.


 Suggestions for Selection 

According to the surface conditions and processing requirements, select the appropriate size/grinding grain diameter/wire thickness, and set reasonable working conditions, such as: depth, pressure, speed, relative displacement, cooling, lubricant, etc. Various factors should be taken into account. Trial and adjustment for conditions should always be adopted to verify results after the initial selection.



(1)Size of the polishing disc
Small-sized polishing discs are suitable for the precise cleaning, deburring, adhesive removal, oxidized surface , line texture and transition, and local rust removal of narrow parts and small workpieces. The large-sized radial polishing brush has a larger contact and working surface, which can improve efficiency.

(2)Selection of mesh size
Bristles of coarse abrasive discs are rougher, and can remove more stuff at high speed, achieving a relatively rough surface. It is worth mentioning that they should be frequently moved during use to prevent excessive wear. On the contrary, fine abrasive discs have a small removal amount, and can achieve a smoother and cleaner surface.

(3)Section of Bristles
Polishing discs with coarse bristles exert greater frictional force on workpiece surfaces, which can achieve a large removal amount at high speed. Polishing discs with fine bristles are softer and exert less force, thus having small removal amount. The surface roughness is slightly affected by the wire fineness, while greatly affected by the size of abrasives.

(4)Shape and distribution of bristles
Proper attention should be paid to the selection of bristle shape and density: the curved bristle is softer, the oblique straight wire is easier to apply force, the straight bristle can be rotated in both directions, and the flat straight bristle is suitable for wheel brushes.

(5)Available Products
Regular sizes of WOLF abrasive discs: #36、#50、#80、#120、#220、#400...
WOLF abrasive discs can be attached to wheel brushes, rod brushes, shaft brush rollers, etc., which are suitable for power tools and grinding machines.
Disc brushes are in development, which are suitable for grinding and polishing flat or end surfaces.

Properties of WOLF abrasive discs
High polishing performance, high efficiency and fast processing;
Rich elasticity, hard to deform;
Hard to break, crack, or melt;
Maintain consistent processing performance without declining its force;
Low wear and high durability;
Resistant to 100°C environment and low temperature;
Resistant to general acid, alkali, and oil.

Core values of WOLF abrasive discs
Stable: maintain consistent surface processing performance without declining its force;
Time-saving: short working hours, less replacement, and more processing within fixed time;
Safe and eco-friendly: no splash, non-toxic and harmless, the clamping accessories can be reused;
Effective: polishing, deburring and cleaning results meet high requirements;
Comprehensive cost: costs of labor force, machine, and energy are all included;
Great service: sold by warehouse, supplied with small batch, supported by manufacturers.


Limited Warranty
Due to the diversity and differences of applications, the company declares that it does not guarantee the applicability of the products. The quality guarantee is limited to ensuring that the quality of the supplied products is similar to the quality of the samples. Standard products can be replaced at charge inside China within 100 days after delivery.


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