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Company Profile


Founded in February 2007, “WOLF Abrasive Filaments” is specialized in producing high-quality abrasive filaments. With “WOLF” as LOGO, it has taken the lead in Chinese market and also had good international markets in Asia, Europe and America.
We implement the production policy of “High Quality, High Efficiency, and Low Consumption”, adhere to “Precision Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement”, and carefully and rigorously manage every stage to ensure that the high-quality products and services are delivered to our customers.
We adhere to the market concept of “Value Win-win and Customer Satisfaction”, and win users’ deep trust with our reasonable price, stable quality and professional service.
“WOLF Abrasive Filaments” is your strategic cooperation partner and let us work together to create our win-win future!

WOLF’s Supplies


“SCF” household all-cleaning abrasive filaments: Manufacture household abrasive cleaning brushes featured by rapid friction, rapid dirt removal, polishing, and de-fouling.
“OAF” industrial abrasive filaments: Manufacture finished, polished and de-burred industrial abrasive brushes.
“DAF” diamond abrasive filaments: Manufacture the abrasive filaments added with synthetic diamond to obtain
faster and better grinding effects.
“COVER” abrasive filaments: Be suitable for the grinding and de-fouling brushes at tip end to clean and de-foul smooth ground.


WOLF’s Values


Company tenet: Quality first, reputation first; pioneering innovation and customer satisfaction
Corporate culture: Fairness, diligence and cooperation; sharing, integrity and kindness
Core competence: Value, integrity and innovation; high efficiency, low cost, and low consumption
Quality policy: Precision manufacturing, technical innovation; overall quality inspection, and precision management


Why choose us?


I. WOLF’s vision: Experience in material and application in this field.
II. Higher cost performance: Comprehensive advantages in quality and price.
III. Excellent quality
•High grinding efficiency, good effects, long service life, and good core functions of brush
•Stable quality: Stable and nearly identical quality of different batches and safe usage
•Beautiful appearance: Uniform filament diameter, uniform buckling, and good brush appearance
•Quality assurance: Ensure identical product quality from small amounts of trial to mass production
IV. Multiple choices: Consider price budgets and operating condition differences, and set high/medium/low-end products.
V. Cooperative suppliers: Practice the business philosophy of value marketing and customer satisfaction.
VI. Small batch supply: Conventional products are available in stock and easy to purchase.

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