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WOLF’s Participation in Interbrush Exhibition 2016

In April 2016, WOLF participated in the interbrush exhibition for the second time.
During the Interbrush Exhibition in April 2016, WOLF expresses its sincere thanks for the support and visit from new and old customers from all over the world. We are deeply sorry for the customers without our good reception due to busy work!
WOLF’s special COVER filaments have been generally well received in Europe; OAF industrial abrasive filaments have received high recognition from Asian customers; and foreign customers are interested in widening the application of the WOLF.SCF household abrasive filaments. Through in-depth exchange and discussion, SCF has aroused the innovation desire of cleaning brush manufacturers.
Attached Photos: (1) (2) Sally in Exhibition Booth; (3) Partial Members in Exhibition; (4) Sally with Japanese Agent SOGO’s Staff; (5) (6) Funny Brushes Shown in Köln Market, Germany