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WOLF participates in the 2017 China Brush Industry Development Forum

China Brush and Cleaning Appliance Industry Development Forum was held in Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province on December 7, 2017 and themed by “Gathering Strength and Making Coordinated Development”. With more than 200 participating enterprises, the Meeting was the largest, the highest and the most abundant industrial grand meeting throughout the history of Chinese brush industry, and also had milestone significance.


During the Meeting, WOLF saw lively speeches delivered by guest speakers from famous enterprises such as E.I.Du Pont Company, the Malish Corporation, New Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Co., Ltd., and Jiechuang Intelligent Electric Company etc.






WOLF参加2017中国刷业发展论坛演讲 WOLF参加2017中国刷业发展论坛演讲

As a technological innovation and a representative of small and micro businesses, WOLF Abrasive Filaments delivered a speech on WOLF.SCFs (super cleaning filaments). Our General Manager Li Shanliang narrated the following points:


The SCFs (super cleaning filaments) promoted by WOLF are the industrial abrasive filaments applied and expanded to civil use. The fully-DIY filaments aim to solve the problems in ordinary cleaning brushes such as cleaning dead angles in uneven surface and narrow space, poor cleaning performance, poor fouling removal, and low cleaning efficiency etc.


WOLF. SCFs are mixed with proper abrasive grit into nylon to form the complete rough structure. The directionally developed SCFs are suitable for brush usage characteristics, have advanced performance, and are capable of polishing and de-fouling. Performance advantages include referenced experiences of flexible polishing and cleaning materials such as scouring pad, abrasive paper/cloth, and sponge abrasive cloth.


WOLF. SCFs have rough/hard/small edges in cross section and peripheral surface. The contact friction force is increased and can go deep into embossed patterns and small areas, clean and remove fouling in 360° degrees, and save time and efforts to radically polish and remove heavy fouling.


The core value of SCFs includes: Time efficiency--the highly frequently-used brushes; cleaning effects--difficult cleaning places; cleaning efficiency--fouling ground; and comprehensive costs--comprehensive value of labor, objects, and time.


In addition, for the problems to be addressed and the existing experiences, the development process, problems and solutions to the abrasive filaments for grill brushes in the US were introduced meanwhile the partial SCFs-planting was also introduced to the Japanese customer to clean floor.


Sally Lee suggested development direction: In order to exert the application of abrasive filaments in brushes or solve the shortages of the existing ordinary brushes, always determine the applicability and advancement through simulating usage tests. The consumers will not accept the products until the performance advantages are worth of the price.


On the next day, WOLF Abrasive Filaments participated in the China Brush and Cleaning Appliance Industry Development Forum and Annual Meeting to learn and understand the industry trends and promote the meeting spirit of industrial standardization; meanwhile participated in and investigated Ningbo East Cleaning Tool Co., Ltd., observed the advanced filaments-planting equipment and mass production management site, and learned the product philosophy of the enterprise.


WOLF participated in the grand meeting of China’s brush industry, learned from successful enterprises, exchanged experiences with customers, communicated with peers, and gained full achievements. WOLF is always on the road to infinite knowledge.