“WOLF” abrasive brush FAQ


Q: Which kind of abrasive filaments is the best?

A: “Choose the Suitable”, namely: qualified quality, reasonable price, and conforming to application.

The abrasive filaments made by different types of nylon have different prices and performance characteristics. For example, N612 abrasive filaments are the most expensive, have good comprehensive performance, and are the best when used as important mechanical parts, or used in high automation level, high added value, important working procedure, or high-end products; N6 abrasive filaments are the cheapest, soft and have the best impact resistance, and are suitable for coarse diameter filaments and soft dry grinding; and N610 abrasive filaments have economical prices and extensive adaptability, and are suitable for industrial brushes of slow rotation speed, rapid scrap, and price sensitivity.

Q: How do we orientate the WOLF abrasive filaments?

A: WOLF suggests as follows:

•Directly provide WOLF abrasive filament solutions which have the best cost;

•There are differences in application features, please provide brush and application conditions, and WOLF will give reasonable suggestions;

•Follow the step-by-step mode of samples, small batch trial, and stable purchasing; trust in quality and win-win in value;

•The large brush roll matched with machines works as an important procedure, the machining effects have differences; according to the trial site condition, slightly adjust pressure, rotation speed, and machining time; observe the surface treatment quality, and purchase in big batch after trial;

•WOLF abrasive filaments have reliable performance, high quality, and reasonable price; suggest value marketing and give the right of selection to users.

Q: How can WOLF guarantee quality?
A: WOLF always prefers batch purchasing after trying small samples to make sure to conform to practical application. Abrasive brushes are functional industrial consumables and trial is the best test. We use the traceable production batch number and retain samples for future reference to ensure quality stability and continuity.
Q: How important is the test data of abrasive filaments?
A: Practical trial is the best test! Abrasive filaments are functional abrasive materials. The physical-chemical test data is limited and only for reference.
Q: How can I select the suitable abrasive filaments?
A: You should firstly understand the working conditions of the application such as dry/wet grinding, rotation speed, pressure, temperature, abrasive filament length, abrasive surface condition, machining points, and reasons for scrap etc. Next, you should combine with cost performance and select the suitable abrasive filaments after trial and comparison.
Q: How much is the minimum purchase of WOLF abrasive filaments?
A: The regular size has no limited purchase quantity meanwhile the specially-customized size has the minimum purchase of 100 kg.
Q: How long is the normal production period?
A: Ordinary abrasive filaments need 10-20 days of production, super coarse/fine abrasive filaments need 15-25 days of production, and urgent production needs 3-5 days.
Q: The standard length is not suitable and filament tailoring wastes too much, how to solve this problem?
A: The suitable length of 1,100-1,280mm and error +10mm can be customized for 100 kg.
Q: Can I visit WOLF?
A: You can only talk in the Reception Room and you are not allowed to enter the workshop. Please be considerate for any inconvenience incurred!