WOLF. 2017 10th Anniversary



I. Great Gratitude


For the 10th anniversary in 2017 of founding of WOLF, we sincerely thank all of you for your long-standing support and love!


Through 10 years of gradually and progressively hard work, WOLF has accumulated advanced production technology and experiences, embedded the philosophy of high-quality products and customer satisfaction in every stage of production and operation, and perfected internal control management and market operation mechanism.


We are grateful for the support of customers, the cooperation of suppliers, the efforts of agents, the hard work of employees, and the help of friends at home and abroad.


II. What Will WOLF Change?


WOLF explores the new abrasive cleaning filaments “SCF” (super cleaning filaments) for civil use. The household all-cleaning abrasive filaments for polishing and de-fouling belong to the particularly custom-made whole DIY abrasive filaments based on usage characteristics of brush, added with the selected abrasive grit, through testing the advancement of cleaning function to enhance cleaning effects and efficiency.


“SCF” abrasive all-cleaning filaments have the peculiarity similar to “Principle of Scouring Pad” and are featured by strong dirt removal, polishing and de-fouling. The filaments are flexibly all-pervasive, easy to clean and dry, and will be widely used for cleaning brushes in kitchen and bathroom de-fouling as predicted.


OAF industrial abrasive filaments will continue to expand and popularize usage due to high quality, easy convenience and cost reduction; provide fast, sophisticated, and low-cost grinding brush processing for surface treatment (finishing, polishing, and de-burring) in industrial manufacturing); and enhance “Made by China’s Quality” in the Chinese market.


In this field, WOLF has gradually changed the market pattern and will continue to insist on reasonably-priced, high-quality, convenient and fast product supply, and popularize usage in domestic and foreign markets. WOLF advocates “Value Marketing” and promotes the popularization and broadening of the abrasive brushes featured by high quality, suitable prices, and meeting users’ needs.



III. Explore Value and Serve Market


The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the deep understanding of products and exploring market value. WOLF has always focusing on product features, exploring value, focusing on customer demands and following market development; and will serve the brush-making enterprises and share the achievements of labor with employees and business partners through producing high quality, various and differentiated products to realize WOLF’s economic and social value.



WOLF was grateful for your accompanying in the past 10 years;
And please work together to create glory again in the next 10 years.