High-quality industrial abrasive brush description

1) Have high abrasive efficiency, less wear, and long service life;
2) Good grinding effects, good rebound resilience, and lodging resistance;
3) Abrasive filaments have high impact-resistance strength, good flexibility, and rare filament fracture;
4) Grinding performance is enduring and stable, has low water absorption, and good chemical inertness such as acid and alkali resistance;
5) Have moderate hardness, good straightness, and good dry and wet rigidity;
6) Filament diameter, curvature, and color are uniform;
 7) Abrasive grit is evenly distributed, proportion up to standard, and hard to fall off;
8) Abrasive grit granularity is uniform with centralized granularity and more particles of equivalent figure   (suitable for cutting and grinding);
9) Different batches have stable performance.。