“DAF”Diamond Abrasive Filaments

WOLF. DAF refers to diamond abrasive filaments; use high-quality nylon as carrier, evenly mix with synthetic diamond powder, and go through spinning process such as extrusion and extension to make the special abrasive filaments; typical composition: 25% synthetic diamond + 75% nylon.


WOLF. DAF is distributed with abrasive grit of synthetic diamond through external surface, section and inner core to form rough/hard/small sharp edges. Driven by industrial equipment, the filaments will intensively scrape and rub the surface through point array contact for surface treatment of fast, efficient, highly-precise and flexible polishing and de-burring; remove quickly and maintain the same machining effects for a long time without damaging the original size of workpiece.


The complete rough structure of WOLF.DAF has high-rate grinding in 360° degrees, and is suitable for grinding and polishing materials featured by large removal margin, high precision, high hardness, and difficult grinding. In addition, WOLF. DAF can reach tiny area through elastic filaments; especially be suitable for grinding irregular surface such as grooves, holes, uneven surface, and connection position; and conduct surface polishing and de-burring through industrially high efficiency, high accuracy, and full angles for the overall workpiece.



Nylon base material: N612

Filament diameter: ¢0.25-2.20mm, customized as required

Abrasive grit: Synthetic diamond, super-hard mixed grit

Granularity: General #46-#1000, customized #1200-#5000

grit factor: 5%-30%, customized as required



Typical Applications:

Hole groove machining: Rapid de-burring on deep holes, groove inner walls, and embossed patterns;

Metallic tools: Polishing, de-burring, and abating for hard grinding materials such as metal plates and tungsten steel;

Surface treatment: Surface passivation and smoothing treatment of carving and stone.

Core Value: 

Enhance effect, efficiency and accuracy;

Abrasive effects: Achieve higher surface accuracy;

Abrasive efficiency: More qualified workpieces can be processed within unit time;

Constant quality: Abrasive capacity reduction is slow to obtain enduring and constant surface quality;

Comprehensive costs: Comprehensive advantages in labor, machines, and energy consumption.




Limited Quality Guarantee


We hereby claim not to guarantee the product applicability. The quality guarantee shall be only limited to ensuring that the supplied product quality is similar to the tried sample quality. No DAF replacement is provided.