WOLF LOGO Interpretation

“WOLF” people pursue wolf’s vision: Teamwork, value exploration, and adaptation to market;

“WOLF” abrasive filaments are featured by wolf’s strength: Teamwork, inner sharpness, co-existing hardness and softness, and perseverance;


“WOLF” abrasive filaments are applied in manufacturing brushes for grinding, finishing, polishing, de-burring and de-fouling, and contain wolf’s strength in the following aspects:


The coarse-particle abrasive filaments boast wolf’s “sharp teeth” to radically, rapidly and exquisitely remove all the attachments such as burrs and dirt from surface without any unclean dead angle;


The fine-particle abrasive filaments are suitable for high-precision machining and inherit the nature of a mother wolf to clean gently and carefully with the right force just like the mother wolf holding a wolf baby in its mouth.


“WOLF” abrasive filaments compose the brush hair, the brush, and the set of tools, which are featured by unity, division of labor, co-existing hardness and softness, effective cleaning, extensive adaptability, and enduring service.

With quick and radical cleaning effects, “WOLF” abrasive filaments will assist you to achieve wealth and dreams in the brush industry.