Talking about the Value Marketing of Industrial Abrasive Brush

At present, the supply-demand cooperation of industrial brushes is becoming more and more stable. The scale enterprises have had obvious market advantages and gained more market shares and living space in application experience, R&D and manufacturing superiority, and quality trust.


The flexible grinding process of abrasive brushes determines the precision and appearance texture of products. As an important process of surface finishing, users pay more and more attention to the processing efficiency, quality and comprehensive costs of abrasive brushes. Therefore, sellers should analyze current market situations, increase on-site experiences, understand working conditions, grasp quality elements, and form competitive solutions to withstand market test.




In respect of application, we should focus on the working conditions of target customers such as rotation speed or linear speed, dry/wet grinding, environment temperature, working length of abrasive filaments, hardness and roughness of the abrasive surface, grinding machining points, and main reasons for scrap etc., which must be considered during making solutions.


At present, brush-making and brush-using enterprises have had fast-growing comprehensive human-machine costs and high marginal costs. Therefore, abrasive filaments work as the core part in the brush, WOLF suggests adopting the high-quality N612 abrasive filaments.


The abrasive filaments are functional materials and their inner quality is so important that it will influence the core function of the brush. If the brush has poor quality (no wear resistance/NOrr/filament fracture) or short service life, this will cause the whole brush to lose effect or waste.


The high-quality brush with slightly higher costs on abrasive filaments is worth it. Users can transfer costs, strive for higher selling prices, and get stable customers. In addition, the users’ comprehensive human-machine consumption, unit cost, and quality level can offset the increased costs and even get better benefits.

The high-quality abrasive filament solutions are also the best ones featured by less efforts, low energy consumption, and high cost performance. It is true that some brushes have large consumption and ordinary quality, are more concerned about cheap price, and will remain for a long time.


WOLF abrasive filaments are your strategic partner!