"COVER”Cover Abrasive Filaments

WOLF. COVER refers to cover abrasive filaments which belong to special abrasive filaments with skin-core combination independently developed by WOLF.


COVER means one thin layer of pure nylon is covered on the external surface of general industrial abrasive filaments and the two layers are tightly integrated into one, namely, the inner core has abrasive grit and the external skin is the smooth pure nylon without the abrasive grit, and two layers are inseparably integrated into one.


WOLF. COVER is the best with coarse filaments; uses the section end for point array contact, scraping and rubbing; is suitable for large-area plane or streamline curved surface. Its effect is similar to ordinary abrasive filaments but has much better rebound resilience, rare filament fracture, lodging-resistant and durable service.


WOLF considers COVER characteristics are between ordinary abrasive filaments and pure nylon filaments and have different grinding characteristics.


The section of COVER filaments contains abrasive grit, which is much rougher and sharper than the end section of pure nylon filaments, can enhance capabilities of grinding, cleaning, and de-fouling; have good cleaning efficiency and effects; and maintain consistent clean capability.


The section of COVER filaments is distributed with abrasive grit but the periphery surface of abrasive filaments is smooth due to without abrasive grit. This structure will have different grinding effects and efficiency on the surface such as step, uneven surface and holes compared with ordinary abrasive filaments. COVER should be used after trial.


In brief, WOLF. COVER has unique performance advantages in plane polishing and cleaning. If needed, it should be firstly tried in small batch and then used in big batch after confirming the effect.


Nylon base material: N612/N610 etc.

Filament diameter: ¢0.75-2.50mm, cover wall thickness about 0.01-0.03mm

Abrasive grit: SIC black silicon carbide and GC green silicon carbide

Granularity: General #36-#240

Abrasive grit proportion: No abrasive grit in external skin; abrasive filament core contains abrasive grit of 30%±5% by weight.

Application Suggestion:

The coarse abrasive filaments with section tips as polishing and cleaning are suitable for cleaning, polishing and de-fouling on large-area flat surface such as squares and ground.


The coarse abrasive filaments replacing pure nylon can enhance cleaning speed and effect for the poor cleaning/de-fouling efficiency or effect.


Core Value:


Do not wear the brush-making equipment and be good for automatic and high-speed filament-planting and mass production of coarse abrasive filaments;

Have good de-fouling effect on the flat surface, good resilience, good resistance to twists and turns under heavy load, and lodging resistance;

Have good durability, rare filament fracture, wear and fatigue resistance, and long service life.


Limited Quality Guarante

We hereby claim not to guarantee the product applicability. The quality guarantee shall be only limited to ensuring that the supplied product quality is similar to the tried sample quality. No COVER replacement is provided.